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On the mind . . . . how to reach people about this band?  How to tell them who we really are?  Our record >>Repeater>> was done on a no-budget basis, and yes, the band knew that we would have a tough climb, but we said said to ourselves, let's embrace this, let's use it to capture the rawness and the roughness - the realness - that pulses through the music we like, that turns us on the most.  The music that we turn to when things are at their worst, or when we want to stop and be whole again.  Sunrise music, sunset music.  In the past, good songs and honest performances have beat the odds - no money, personal struggles, an unforgiving world - to rise above.  So lets be like that.  Let's rise above.  

So we turned against the current and pushed ahead.  Warts and all.  And the album does have its production, engineering, and mixing warts.  It isn't airbrushed.  It isn't auto-tuned.  

It was our faith from the very beginning that the emotion, the feeling - the things that make a song special - would claw through the production hamstrings and really reach people. The lyrics and the music would come together in honest performances to allow them to feel that heartbreak, that pain, that lust, the wonder and confusion and bliss.  We wanted the music to be transparent.  No static.  Not fogged up with unnecessary complexity for the sake of looking complex.  We're not doing this to impress music majors.  It's rock and roll, after all.  Joan Jett got it right when she said "there's nothing better than seeing a three-chord straight up rock 'n' roll band in your face with sweaty music and three minute good songs."  Yes.  Exactly.

Every song on this album is about something real, something felt, something that happened.  Someone missed, a promise broken, a bottle opened.  Every one of them is a scar.  Even "Anne Boleyn," because although Queen Anne lived centuries ago, the mistakes she made, her regrets, the havoc she wrought, and the pity and revulsion she inspired are in our own lives, just as they're in yours.  She is you and me and us.  There's a reason they keep making movies about her.  It's because we can relate.  

So, we hope that this transcending the technical limitations is happening. We hope we're shining     through the dirt on the window. In Japanese culture there is a perspective on life called Wabi-Sabi, and a related aesthetic concept, Kintsugi, which honors and appreciates the beauty in things that are imperfect, transient, incomplete.  Broken teacups are repaired with soldered gold and silver and are considered more beautiful than before.  The patina that accrues on bronze makes it more beautiful.  And life is precious and beautiful because it ends.

When we send out music to clubs and such, trying to book shows, we know we're up against submissions that are polished, well funded, backed up by all sorts of resources we did not have.  But we hope that they take the time to listen to what's happening here, to appreciate the patina.  The songs are so truly organic.  It's hard for people to say who we "sound like."  At best, we get a list of other artists, never one.  And that list changes based on the person doing the listing, and the song that's causing them to make the list.  Is it Sabbath, the Doors, Bob Seger, Kenny Rogers, The Cult, Johnny Cash, Aerosmith?  And so, we send off emails wishing that these busy folks could see us perform these songs, when those production limitations are gone, when we are on the level stage, and all that matters is how deeply we can reach into the audience's ribcage and will we caress and stroke and poke and squeeze their hearts before we return them at the end of the night?  And when they see that the answer to that is yes, I know we will have gotten through, and that they know we were worthy of the chance they gave us.   

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"WAX EX-STATIC" RELEASED February 23, 2016!

February 23, 2016 - Following on the success of 2014's REPEATER and 2015's RADIO VOODOO: SONGS FROM THE DARK END OF THE DIAL, Catalina Shortwave announced today the release of their third record "WAX EX-STATIC" - a hard-hitting collection of five songs exploring themes of temptation, oppressions, loneliness and life on a dysfunctional planet.  Says frontman Dave Rizzo: "We are really very proud of this record, we feel like we're in full stride.  We never want to make the same record twice, so we pushed the envelope on style and and our themes but made sure the songs were accessible, intelligent and delivered honestly."  The band said that they while they are bringing WAX EX-STATIC to live audiences, they are once again working on new material, which they hope to release later in 2016.

"RADIO VOODOO" Released September 15, 2015!

Catalina Shortwave's second record - "RADIO VOODOO-SONGS FROM THE DARK END OF THE DIAL" - is now available as a physical disc or download on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon or wherever you buy music, and is streaming on your favorite music site.

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