Wax Ex-Static

by Catalina Shortwave

Released 2016
Released 2016
Heavy duty rock and roll music for shooting stars and superfreaks.
"Catalina is tremendous. They just get it . . . rock that is straight up pure grade, which means it's dirty and sexy and greasy as f**k . . . . part of the small handful of bands that are set to send rock into its next golden age . . . . "

"If you are like me and listening to that same song over and over is perfectly normal behavior . . . then you're in the right place. Frontman Rizzo's words are intelligent and thoughtful without being wordy or exhibitionistically witty. He effortlessly conjures memories, moods, and images, the lusts and regrets, and you will end up wondering how you were picked up and carried through the songs without you even noticing. Its all very elegant and he delivers the message like a revival preacher wrestling with his demons. The guitar sounds delivered by Stauffer and Morey come from different rock sensibilities. They bleed into each other, balanced but with bite and the right amount of tension. Between them they trade the hallowed roles of fire and smoke, one smolders while the other ignites. And then there is the bottom end, with Scaturro's grooving bass slipping and sliding through and around Garvey's incendiary and explosive drumming. Thunder and lightning. So like I said, if you're the type who'll sit there doing the 'reverse, play' two-step (and yeah, I'm dating myself a little here) ten or more times in a row because you can't get enough of what you're hearing, then welcome to Catalina Shortwave, you're in the right place, and they've been waiting."

Broken Souls - Music Video

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